The story has been rewritten nearly a hundred times. Or more, lost count after that. Over these last ten months, finally have the courage to write again, been trying to annoy Kishimoto for the last six years… still laughing off the cocaine jokes isn’t he?It was because he had the nerve to bring a unsasifying version of Minato, reincarnated back from the dead. Dare not to speak of from there. The ending was the BIGGEST disappointment in the Narutoverse.That show should be called Borrring. The intro of the story will start at the Fourth Shinobi World War Climax. Its only 3-4 minutes long plus the song intro, A bit over five minutes. Run total is ten minutes. The rating will be MA-17. For mature audiences. Action, Adventure, Strong Violence, Language and Sexuality, Nudity, Drug Use, Crude Humor, Scenes of Psychotic Behavior, and Some Gore.