Featured characters of NARUTO Overcoming Obstacles

(Either dead or alive, they will be featured. Other characters will be kept hidden. Made up some names, person listed and next to kin- lovers. Please note of any incorrections!)

Naruto Uzumaki
Karin Uzumaki
Sakura Haruno
Sasuke Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha
Obito Uchiha
Hinata Hyuga
Hanabi Hyuga
Kakashi Hatake
Kurenai Yuhi
Might Guy
Anko Mitarashi
Kiba Inazuka
Hana Inazuka
Shino Aburame
Rock Lee
Shikamaru Nara
Ino Yamanaka
Choji Akimichi
Choza Akimichi
Chomidori Akimichi
Tsunade Senju
Konohamaru Satarobi
C (knew Darui)
Princess Chiyo
Daen Nara
Doto Akimichi
Frost Daimyo
F (Kumo born)
Gaku Inuzuka
Ibiki Morino
Idate Morino
Karin Kagura


There was a story that was written in finally in a year. Just staring over again is not an easy process. Will it be much easier for you? B. Isabelle helped this a lot. In three days, over thirty pages have been produced, there’s a lot more to be done, at the same time collecting new tracks for the soundtrack. Shortly, I will start on it again.

Why NaruHina are not adding up

Look here, look here…

It seems to be a lake of fire going on. It’s not like I receive many hatetred  to me like NaruSaku. NaruHina has never had as many moments like his supposed other childhood friends. Let me get this off before this goes on. Hinata Hyuga seems like a pretty good character to me, hailing from the famous Hyuga clan. Her personality reminds me of a younger version of me. At the same time, I have the intelligence of Sakura Haruno. Hinata is known throughout the Narutoverse history… the quiet and shy one, occasionally watches over Naruto Uzumaki. She really like him. But he barely has acknowledged her. That’s what bothers me. No sort of any deep conversation. And those filler scenes lately are not moving at all. More a damsel in distress than Sakura. Where was she at the worst times? Through the most awful? Seems to pop up at the most bright. She is a good fight, but not popping that good stuff in reality. If your cousin Neji, yet getting your ass whooped by your LITTLE SISTER, even still after your butt is grown, something is wrong with that. A most high and privileged heir that is only valued by fanboys for her tits and sexual reasons. Highly regarded, lack of strength. It’s never a story to marry your stalker. Still, we are trapped into a Genjustsu… Naruto would never love he without feeling guilty. Looking at his kids, kids are kids and also badasses- but Naruto is depressed like his life is so over, so he is not happy. Why the hell is he sleeping on the couch? I know it from experience. Either you two got into a huge argument or he doesn’t love you like that, just for a blow, f***k and leave you alone, going to sleep so when he wakes up and that’s one short trip trip to the shower and brush, eat and get the f**k out. This observation tells others, she’s your sex doll. Hinata is a perfect fit! She’s stunningly cunning in executing her moves. Take time to read her character in Road to Ninja… I will leave it at that part. For another title. I almost said it, but it ran through. NaruHina fans may look today and threaten to show evidence. Chill out people… It will come in time. But you know who will win. The numbers don’t lie. They add up and combine. I guess everyone fell under the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Stay tuned folks.

The story has been rewritten nearly a hundred times. Or more, lost count after that. Over these last ten months, finally have the courage to write again, been trying to annoy Kishimoto for the last six years… still laughing off the cocaine jokes isn’t he?It was because he had the nerve to bring a unsasifying version of Minato, reincarnated back from the dead. Dare not to speak of from there. The ending was the BIGGEST disappointment in the Narutoverse.That show should be called Borrring. The intro of the story will start at the Fourth Shinobi World War Climax. Its only 3-4 minutes long plus the song intro, A bit over five minutes. Run total is ten minutes. The rating will be MA-17. For mature audiences. Action, Adventure, Strong Violence, Language and Sexuality, Nudity, Drug Use, Crude Humor, Scenes of Psychotic Behavior, and Some Gore.

Discussing the End of Naruto

I have been out for a while pretty much after 2014. And over these last few years have rocked me to the core. Kishimoto just made it worse. Naruto goes to Hinata? Are you serious? Having the nerve to bring back Minato to Edo mode? Man, a fanfic based on the Minato Namikaze’s resurrection is better than this crap. It’s pretty much done. He brought a lifetime of it and Kishimoto looks like a messy powered donut or a failed attempt to become a ghost. Fear not fellow Narutoverse, if it looks like he’s pissing me off, I have no other choice to piss him off and the NaruHina fans because… I can’t take it no more!! I’m tired of sitting back and accepting this because studio perriot is just adding unnecessary scenes to seem it was a part of their life. How they have the nerve! Pretty much of this ending has to do with relationship pairings. Neji dying is also not acceptable, you have this mass murdering going left and right. And just so Hinata and Naruto can get together? No way. He decided to deprive Tenten of a noble husband (and it’s not Lee dear God) for someone selfish desires? I might follow that… never mind. Obito and some others could of lived too. Just lock him up in a maximum security prison with some probation time. Sasuke… dear help this guy. I will hope he needs more therapy time than I do. Then it goes into 13 years later when no middle aged guy has hit some p**** , women has obviously hasn’t been talking to Tsunade about achieving the fountain of youth. That was offensive. Anko has gained pounds after that traumatic experience leading into depression. Why the hell Guy is still in a wheelchair? This is Might Guy for fucking sake! Kakashi is by his side, looking after Mirai Saturobi. What do you think what could of happen at that time? I’m not trying to plant anything inside your brains but they might of been screwing around after Mirai was being laid down to sleep in her little heavenly crib. Too much?

Moegi… Wtf? At least choose a more appealing hairstyle, ask Ino to hook you up, Gaara you too. It looks like your hairstyle stepped out of the 50′s. Konohamaru, your hair is… right…  Hiruzen HAD brown hair. Kiba, I have better plans for you, maybe a Hyuga girl that is four years younger… Trying to start some controversy here, it’s already happening.You are really pushing me there. Where the rest of the kids at? Man, Kishimoto was really rushing this through. Pass the torch. Kids! Even Kakashi and Guy could of have children! Ibiki Morino was nearly in his twenties when his brother was born. I might of well talk about the messed up paring about Ino and Sai. It’s just like NaruHina. SHIT. Just because you complimented her beauty doesn’t add up to you screwing together. Sad, I said it loud and clear. The whole concept has no sense of style and romance themes, not being clear on family situations. Choji, I like you who you chose to have as your wife, good job holding her down. I would never in a thousand years name my kid named Shikadai. It’s like destined to have your own father killed. If you didn’t get the joke, say the name again. It’s just a sad, awful story that kindergartens and perverts made up.

And any NaruHina and SasuSaku- other shippers dare to come upon my social platform with their useless analyzations and it really is pointless, You will be under my watch and wrote about. I already known a few to date. Hang on in there NaruSaku, and to the Narutoverse- praying that Boruto will end in a horrible and unmanageable mess from less than two years.